After a coronary infarct, it is essential to stop with smoking as soon as possible. The patches and other substitutes are an essential help, always indicated, even with high doses.

Tobacco is catastrophic for the heart; one will never say it enough. But it is even more dangerous for a person who has just made a coronary infarction because he is exposed to a relapse. It should indeed be known that each cigarette involves a spasm of the coronary arteries, spasm which can be at the origin of an infarction.

It is thus necessary to stop smoking as soon as possible when one has just made such an infarction and to put the question of the danger of patches and other nicotinic substitutes among weakened patients. Finally, are they not as dangerous as the cigarettes themselves? The answer is clearly no: they are inoffensive since they contribute to the weaning of a highly dangerous nicotine use.

Not to be afraid of the transgressions

The transgressions should not be feared anymore. To take a cigarette again should not be a catastrophe as long as you continue your programme to stop the use of tobacco. The most important thing is never to stop stopping. It is like a long distance race. A fall or a point on side should not disqualify you.

Finally, it is essential to be followed by a tobacco specialist or your family practitioner. He will advise you regarding the doses of your nicotinic substitutes. Their help is invaluable to hold out and to pass the cap of the first three month. Try also to be supported by your entourage. Stop smoking is in, you will pass for a hero!

Sources - Nicotine and heart: Long live the substitutes!
Sources: Dr. Philippe Presles
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Lipotomy AQP: Up to 8 centimetres of final diminution in only one session !


We spoke about it in our winter edition: lipotomy AQP belongs to the advanced techniques implemented to currently fight against the encrusted cellulites. It corrects perfectly contours such as the pads on the hips, knees, buttocks, outside of the thighs (saddle bags) or the belly. Permanently!

Why permanently ?

The fat cells of the areas with problems are infiltrated with a hypotonic physiological salt solution. This solution crosses the aquaporines (or AQP) which is the membrane proteins forming the pores of the biological membrane of the fat cells. Result: they are gorged with liquid and… burst! The remainders are then eliminated by normal way, in blood circulation.

The European Clinics specialists take the measures before the lipotomy and during later controls (after 2 weeks and 2 months). The results exceed the hopes! The decreases start with 2 centimetres and go up to 8 centimetres what means almost 2 sizes of clothing.

One also notes, in almost all the cases an improvement of the quality of the skin and a disappearance "of the orange skin". It is still a little early to make a statement on the final character of this improvement because the orange skin is strongly related to a multitude of factors supporting such as smoking, not practising sports, to suffer of an excess of weight, to eat too spicy food, etc.

We will talk about some more results and of the first scientific studies regarding this subject.



Actual news does not make us smile. Nevertheless, we would like you to share our joy, through the first results of lipotomy, and our curiosities in the field of health.
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Tuberculosis new European disease

The entry of ten new members within the Union on the 1st of May could push our pharmaceutical research laboratories to leave their torpor, since tuberculosis will not be any more one foreign or clandestine pathology but an new-European evil.

To avoid an invasion of tubercular patients before 1st of May 1, the modern States of the Baltic, confronted like us but on a more significant scale (taken refuge candidates and clandestine workers coming from the communist ex-block) with the bacilli of Koch multiS and multiR, chose to send specialized medical teams… to the East, to deal with the problem on the spot, thanks to a well understood cooperation .

The day before the birth of Europe with twenty-five, the applicants as political refugees and the clandestine workers (prostitutes among other things) coming from the East, as well as the crowd of tramps (CRP, homeless) fleeing the areas of Africa and Asia where tuberculosis is almost an normal disease, represent a half of the cases attended in the EEC Months of care in quarantine are necessary to avoid any contamination.

Source - "The General practitioner" 21.04.04.

Regime: men too

Also men want to get rid of their superfluous kilos. Their good looking is concerned, but also their health.

Before the age of thirty, a man out of six is too heavy. And between 30 and 40 years, the overweight touches a man out of three. And that is due to our way of life. One leaves the statute of student for a rather sedentary work, one gets married, eats good home made cooking, takes business lunches, gets out and practises sport lesser and so on. Finally, one grows heavier! And your good looking is not the only one to suffer from all this. Health is also in danger.

The belly and love handles

By the man, abdominal grease is the first to concentrate the excessive kilos. However this localization involves a resistance to insulin and automatically a greater risk for arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diabetes and other diseases. But men can be sure; they burn naturally more energy than women do, and therefore your small efforts will be quickly more effective.
It should be also noted that the loss in weight is increasingly easier after a reduction of the fat concentrations (lipotomy or liposculpture).

All in all, two types of regime are possible to find a slender silhouette: the fast regime (and not express) and the regime full form. After medical opinion, one will last one to two months, the other, which can take over first, will be spread out more in time in order to be appropriate for those which want to lose weight without giving up giving pleasure



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